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Volunteers are pivotal to SQSH's work.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to join our supportive, empowering community of dedicated LGBTQIA+ persons and allies. Our volunteers' diverse and unique strengths, skills, and personalities make SQSH's work possible. We are committed to creating a non-hierarchal organization that values mutual trust and every member's opinion. When you join our team, you will gain an equal voice in SQSH's operations along with every other member of our organization.

How to Apply

Please note that due to capacity issues, we are only able to accept applications from high-commitment volunteers who are able to do the work reliably and communicate consistently. For the sustainability of our organization, we require all volunteers to commit to working with SQSH for at least 6 months in order to consider your application.

First, please view Our Team and our full list of Project Roles to better understand how SQSH operates internally. If you are interested in certain seasonal roles but those applications are closed at the moment, you can get updates by following our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or join our Newsletter! Second, please view the Volunteer Requirements below. Finally, after you’ve identified the roles that you are most interested/equipped to volunteer for, fill out an application linked in the team’s description!
What to expect after you apply:
  1. Our recruitment team will email you within three weeks of receiving your application to set up a 1-hour onboarding interview with you over Zoom.
  2. During the interview, we will ask you questions to get to know your interests and skills better. We welcome you to ask us questions too to learn more about SQSH and what you want to get out of your volunteering experience.
  3. If we mutually find that your skills and experiences are a good fit for SQSH, within two weeks after your interview, we will email you to invite you into your new role in SQSH and attach your onboarding assignments.
  4. During your first Team Meeting, we will introduce you to the team, delegate tasks and roles, update everyone on mutual progress made since the last meeting, and wrap up with to-do items going forward.
  5. In between monthly meetings, we will check in with you regularly to keep you accountable to the tasks you'd committed to. We appreciate your commitment to volunteering with SQSH and want to do everything we can to make being involved with SQSH as fulfilling for you as possible!

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteer positions are currently remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No prior experience is needed. Folx who have personal experiences with or strong understandings of multiple marginalized identities (e.g. queer+ & trans folx of color) are especially encouraged to apply. Stipends may be available to low-income applicants on a case-by-case basis. All SQSH members must:
  • Be willing to learn about intersectionality and how it is important to SQSH's work
  • Be willing to self-reflect on their own areas and experiences of privilege and oppression
  • Be open to learning, growth, and self-improvement
  • Adopt an anti-oppressive, justice-centered, and trauma-informed approach to their role
  • Be committed to active listening, peer support, and emotional processing
  • Be willing to support fellow members of a team
  • Have a passion for serving the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community
  • Be available for Team Meetings on Saturday 10AM-12PM once every four weeks (currently held over Zoom)
  • Fill out an application.

Helpline Volunteers Wanted!

SQSH Wants to Train you to be a Queer-Affirming Peer Counselor! Early bird applications close March 27, 2021. All applications close April 24, 2021. Apply ASAP, as we accept applications on a rolling basis!

Do your peers come to you when they need support? Are you passionate about honing your listening skills? Are you dedicated to strengthening the LGBTQIA+ community in St. Louis and beyond? Join SQSH as a helpline volunteer! Joining a grassroots network of LGBTQIA-affirming peer counselors is a radical form of mutual aid amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. At SQSH, we offer training in anti-oppressive peer counseling skills and assistance with career development. You will gain valuable helpline work experience and peer support tools, and join a supportive, LGBTQIA-centered community!

Volunteer Opportunities

Urgently Needed

Helpline Team

Operates SQSH’s Peer Support Helpline service.

Capacity-Building Team

Provides support functions for SQSH that boosts our organizational capacity and resources.

Finance & Legal Team

Provides support functions for SQSH that boosts our organizational capacity and resources.

Community Outreach Team

Organizes SQSH’s community outreach efforts.

Data & Technology Team

Designs and develops SQSH’s technological platforms, design functions, and graphic products, by bringing a creative problem-solving approach to solving SQSH’s design and technology needs.

Marketing & PR Team

Organizes SQSH’s marketing and PR efforts.

Internship & Practicum Team

Stewards SQSH’s internship and practicum program.

Intern/Practicum Student

Supports SQSH’s operations and teams while achieving personal/professional learning goals.

Training Team

Plans and facilitates education and training programs for SQSH’s Helpline Volunteers and community members. Peer counseling background preferred.

Recruitment Team

Designs and implements recruitment processes for SQSH. This includes planning and implementing recruitment campaigns between January-April to recruit Helpline Volunteers to train from May-August, as well as recruiting new SQSH volunteers throughout the year, with a special focus on recruiting from marginalized communities in St. Louis, including Black and other POC LGBTQIA+ communities.

Facilitation Team

Steers the overall direction of SQSH as an organization, facilitates discussion and collaboration of all volunteers and teams working within SQSH, is responsible for day-to-day management of programs, and conducts long-term strategic planning for SQSH.

Advisory Team

Provides advice, guidance, and expertise to support and improve SQSH’s operations.

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