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Volunteers are pivotal to SQSH's work.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to join our supportive, empowering community of dedicated LGBTQIA+ persons and allies. Our volunteers' diverse and unique strengths, skills, and personalities make SQSH's work possible. We are committed to creating a non-hierarchal organization that values mutual trust and every member's opinion. When you join our team, you will gain an equal voice in SQSH's operations along with every other member of our organization.

Please view Our Team and our full list of Project Roles to better understand how SQSH operates internally.

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Volunteer Requirements

No prior experience is needed. Folx who have personal experiences with or strong understandings of multiple marginalized identities (e.g. queer+ & trans folx of color) are especially encouraged to apply. Stipends may be available to low-income applicants on a case-by-case basis. All SQSH members must:

Volunteer Opportunities

Have a question, suggestion, or desire to make a general connection? Get in touch!

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